The Longest Promise

The Longest Promise

From the Kong Sang Continent comes the tale of the tumultuous love story of Princess Zhu Yan of the Chi Yi Tribe and Royal Prince Shi Ying, The framing of the Queen results in the Prince being banished to Jiu Yi Mountain to cultivate. Once solely focused on his tasks, he develops romantic feelings for his disciple Zhu Yan. But their student/teacher relationship prevents either from expressing their true feelings. Fate then works against them when they choose opposing sides in a political struggle of life and death proportions. Eventually, putting aside their issues, they pledge to protect their beloved Kong Sang Continent.

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Crew: Jiang Jia Jun, Wu Ying Ying, Li Er Yun, Li Xian Chang, Sun Zhong Huai

Country: CN

Studio: Tencent Video

Runtime: 45:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Jul 02, 2023

Last air date: Jul 20, 2023

Episode: 40 Episode

Season: 1 Season

IMDb: 3.909