Umechan Sensei

Umechan Sensei

Umechan Sensei is a Japanese television drama series. It debuted on April 2, 2012. It is about a girl named Umeko Shimomura who, despite being overshadowed by her talented older brother and sister, and despite being thought of as a clumsy child, decides to follow in her father's footsteps and become a doctor. It is the 86th NHK Asadora.


Stars: , , , , ,

Crew: Masaya Ozaki, Kenji Kawai, Smap

Country: JP

Studio: NHK

Runtime: 15:14 minutes

Quality: HD

First air date: Apr 02, 2012

Last air date: Sep 29, 2012

Episode: 156 Episode

Season: 1 Season

IMDb: 3