Konzen OL: Furachi ni nurete

Konzen OL: Furachi ni nurete

Naoya, an elite office worker who has a lover Hanane who works in an editing production, is thinking of marrying her. However, Hanane, who wanted to continue her current job, put it off. At the bar near Hanane's mansion, there were several customers and Kishida, a childhood friend of the store's master Fujieda. Although they are over fifty each other, Kishida is a little envious of Fujieda, who emails a woman even though she is open. Fujieda enjoyed an affair with a married woman in her forties, Eriko. One day, as Hanane walks while making a phone call for work, she meets Kyosuke, a former boyfriend, and heads for Fujieda's bar. Kyosuke, who learned that Hanane was proposed there, had a complicated feeling because he had just been shaken by a woman. Taking advantage of Naoya's overseas business trip, Hanane invites Kyosuke to the room. While feeling nostalgic, caress each other's bodies and seek each other.

Runtime: 60 minutes

Quality: HD

Released: Oct 19, 2012

IMDb: 9