Yukiko Suo

At the "1st SODstar Cinderella Audition" sponsored by SOD Create, she won the Grand Prix with 12,880 votes out of a total of 21,230 votes. She made her debut on November 5, 2009 with "The 1st Cinderella Audition Grand Prix Yukiko Suo AV Debut". She participated in the audition under the name "Yukiko" and changed the name to "Yukiko Suo" when she made her debut. The stage name comes from the combination of "snow" in hiragana and "-ko (child)", which is often used by women because it was born in December. At the time of his debut, she attended college and was given a catch phrase "Honor student who wants to adventure" from her daily life, and the title of the official blog is "Yukiko no Daibouken". Of April 2010 left the SOD Create exclusive, than next May -out vision of the system Super Girl to call the storm , from August of the same year MOODYZ to Exclusive. In August 2011, she became exclusive to SOD Create (label "SOD ACE") again, and in December of the same year, she won the SOD Grand Prize 2011 Outstanding Actress Award. In July 2012, she will leave SOD again and announced that the above honor student characters will also graduate. After that, it became exclusive to Attackers . Became a member of the sexy idol unit " PINKEY " formed on August 15, 2012, and graduated from the members with the live held on January 30, 2015 . Strip debuted at the Osaka Toyo Show on February 1, 2013 . From April 2014, MOODYZ will be dedicated to MOODYZ, and from July, Attackers will be dedicated for the second time. In May 2015, she reported on the official blog that his exclusive contract with ARM Promotion was canceled. It is called an orthodox school because of its facial features, and it is also said to be a troubled face because its eyebrows are lowered. She has a younger sister and a younger brother who are older. Volleyball club in junior high school. She has poor eyesight and use contact lenses in her private life . Left-handed. She is on good terms with Mayu Nozomi, the same AV actress . On the official blog on January 5, 2016, she announced that she would retire from the stripper and adult industry at the end of his appearance at the Toyo Show from February 1st to 15th .

Known For: Acting

Birthday: 1988-12-03

Place of Birth: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Also Known As: 周防ゆきこ, Suou Yukiko, 周防雪子

Yukiko Suo